he Beauty and Versatility of Knotty Alder Cabinets

Knotty alder cabinets have a rustic charm few other materials can match. Knotty alder matches the strength of maple wood, the cheery individuality and personality of pine wood and is naturally light brown in colour, incorporating hues of peach and yellow. The beautiful grain of this wood, combined with the open, solid knots, provide furniture with a beautiful, unique and less formal presence than other woods.

By applying stains, the gorgeous grain of this magnificent wood can be highlighted and enhanced. Some of the most popular stains and finishes currently used on knotty alder cabinets include natural, choco or spice glazes; fruitwood, burnt sugar and autumn oak stains; Burma buff antique, which is exceptionally light, as is the brown antique; the wake finish, unfinished, diamond and burgundy; black glaze, burnished black or Amber hills stain; Baldwin, Espresso, Black Scarlet or chestnut; nutmeg glaze, blue antique, red antique and cranberry antique, which litterally turns the wood red; Lincoln red, Bourban, Van Dyke glaze, dark toffee and hazelnut stains, to name but a few possibilities.

In short, this lovely wood, which will ensure that no two pieces of furniture will ever look the same even in its natural state, can be used in any room and to match any style or decor of every home without fail. While some of the lighter finishes will look excellent in modern kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms – in particular children’s bedrooms – or light and airy living rooms, the darker finishes will provide a warm, rustic feel to any given room within a home, including studies.

Naturally, the actual style of a cabinet will also have an impact on the overall impression that can be achieved with knotty alder and the varying available stains. Raised or recessed panels, multiple lines and arched patterns on cabinet doors serve to provide a multitude of different effects and will ensure the excellently crafted cabinets created from knotty alder will fit into modern or rustic, domestic or commercial settings.

No matter where knotty alder cabinets are placed, at home, in the office, in hotel rooms or in company reception areas, they will always be 100 per cent unique and provide a stylish, high quality appearance owners will love and visitors will admire with a look of envy. Cabinets can be purchased ready made or made to measure, and the styles available will ensure that every taste, every purpose is catered for.

Photo by DR Ranch

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