The Mind behind the Peacock Chair

Scouting for exquisite designs of extraordinary chairs? Then you must have the infamous ‘Peacock Chair’ on the list. It is a masterpiece of the famous Danish-style furniture designer, Hans J Wegner. The Peacock chair was first made with slats fanning at the back of the chair designed to look like a peacock’s trail. Its unique design was first launched during the late forties and is still being manufactured in the market.

Original design was made from wood resources but different materials are made to form this masterpiece and makers commonly use Rattan or simply the wicker wire. Hans Wegner’s approach on his designs was to throw out the old look and use natural materials for a chaste appearance and as well as emphasizing the functionality of each chair. Although the furniture designer Hans J Wegner had passed away years ago, surely his designs will never get old in the industry and will always be up to date.

Photo by Wicker Paradise

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